Newsletter: February 20, 2021

Hello all,

I hope everyone is good, and safe too. The COVID variants are particularly unpleasant I hear. But my wife and I are doing well, and staying safe. I have learned to avoid most of the pain of ALS so that is most excellent!

I did a few articles - future of the blog, how to remove Runecast, and VM takes a long time to log into View. And even one on an Elephant adventure in Namibia that my wife and I had.

But I have a lot to share so lets get started!

I apologize for this being late!  My fault and will do my best to avoid in the future!

Have a great week, and stay safe,


vSphere with Tanzu on NSX-T
This series has several parts done already so here is part 1, and part 2. I believe for some of us NSX is complex so this article / video is pretty helpful if you wish to use it with Tanzu.

VMware Tanzu Mission Control - Using the Data Protection feature for backups and restores
Dean explains how to use the data protection tool in Tanzu and it is not your typical methodology so it is good info in this article.

GA Release of NSX Data Center 3.1.1
This article has lots of info on this newish release of NSX.

SD-WAN 1:1: The What, Why, and How
This link will get you a book on SD-WAN.

Find a VM by Note
An interesting article and useful as I used to use the note field a lot.

VMware Short URL’s
This article breaks things down for you and has a lot of good links!

vLCM error 404 after updating to vCenter 7.0.1d
This article talks of an issue and a workaround too.

Notes from the field: VMware Horizon sessions disconnecting after syslog changes on UAG
This article talks about a problem that exists on a number of Horizon versions and how to avoid it.

Looking Back at the 2020 Announcements We should Revisit
This article looks back at some of the EUC articles that are significant - in its opinion.

Improving vSphere security with vRealize Operations 8.x compliance
This article will help you improve your vSphere security by using vROps and its compliance feature.  This is a pretty good way to do it!  I have played with it a lot in the past.

VCF Update to VCF 4.2 - step by step
Cormac helps you with this update and you can find all the details in this article.

A first look at DPp (Data Persistence platform) and MinIO
Cormac provides a nice look at this new functionality in this article.

What’s New in VMware Cloud on AWS
You can learn all about it in this article. Some cool stuff!

Digging Into vSphere Workload Management Options
This article will help you under better understand management options.

Homelab: vLCM & vRA setup
This article is quite detailed and will help you get started. Lots of screenshots!

Becoming a vCDX
This is something I regret not doing. Of course, now is too late.  But learn about becoming a vCDX in this article and video.

I joined the Futr Tech Podcast last week, check out the episode here
Duncan was on that podcast and you can catch if via this article.

New Community Network Driver for ESXi Fling
William has the full details in this article. William does so much for the community - it is amazing and also it is very much appreciated.

Useful Kubernetes Tricks / Tools
William has an article full of useful K8’s tips.

Announcing VMware Customer Connect
This article sounds sort of interesting for customers depending on how good it is done.

Updated Pure Storage FlashArray Best Practices Checker for vSphere (v5)
Jase talks about this updated tool in this article.  Sounds like it is very useful for Pure customers.  Nicely done!

What’s New in Purity 6.1: ESXi NVMe-oF Fibre Boot from SAN
Cody has an interesting article about this new version and boot from SAN. This article is about the new stuff.

Veeam Backup for GCP and multi-tenancy
Luca has a nice article that shows the answer to the title question.

How to take control of your passwords using iCloud Keychain on your iPhone, iPad and Mac
You can learn how to do this in this article.  But you should not do this if you can afford 1Password! It is a much better choice.

Ring Security Cameras Adding End to End Encryption
This article is important to read - for example they are adding end to end encryption but you have to enable it!

How to Use Content Caching on macOS to Save Bandwidth
I used to do this and it was wonderful.  Everyone’s updates were much quicker.  It was part of Server at the time so when I removed Server it was no longer available.  But, it is in a different place. If you want a Mac to cache iPhone, iPad and Mac updates, and app updates so that things will be much quicker check out this article.

Apple Platform Security Guide Reveals focus on Vertical Integration
This article has a good point, Apple really tries to have software and hardware working together for better security and I think we should see more of that.

Apple Platform Security (Feb 21)
This PDF is very interesting as it details all the platform security info. Apple has done really well in this area and I think they are continuing to do more. BTW, the Apple security website is here.

Zerologon Vulnerability: What you need to know
This article has good info on this particular vulnerability and how things have gone.

Insight is meeting Challenge of Winter on Dusty Mars
An interesting article on Mars and Insight. We need more space exploration as it generates a lot of other things - like tang and velcro. Plus of course, the real science we learn is pretty darn useful too.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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