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Connect Log Insight to vROps 6.6

So we have vROps 6.6 working and now we want Log Insight to be connected to it. That means we can open Log Insight from within vROps and have a filter built that excludes everything but for the object I

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Why vExperts should get some support!

Hi all, If you download Veeam to test it out you get basic support.  If you are a Veeam Vanguard you get premier support. As a vExpert we get no support.  I think we should get some basic level of

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Travel Suggestions

Hello all, I saw this great travel for business people tips article by Andre and it got me thinking.  He does a great job of suggesting things that business people should be aware of.  But I have some things to

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Updating Virtualization Manager to v6.1.1

Hello all, I used a slightly older version of Virtualization Manager (6.10) when I got it going and documented it in my article.  That will not negatively impact you when you are installing at all.  However, it does mean that

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Alert – NFS APD issue has patch now

Hello all, I am a few days late on this.  VMware released a patch for the 5.5 U1 NFS APD issue that I reported to you some time ago (April 19th in fact).  The original KB article is here but

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Fitbit Force Recall

Hello all, I just was informed that Fitbit wants my Force back and is willing to pay me for it.  This is due to what I believe is an issue with less than 2% of their customers – those that

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vC Ops Custom UI is not empty by default!

I was recently talking with someone about the Custom UI in vC Ops.  They were only using the vSphere UI part of vC Ops and they were happy with it but wanted more ‘power’.  They thought it was in the

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