Trouble with iDRAC7 booting to ISO

Hi all,

This has been a weak of hardship.  Lots of frustration on making things work.  So when I say I will deal with it Monday in HQ, it is a load off.  Now I can catch up on something else - hopefully completely in my space and maybe a little less frustration.  I need Hyper-V in my lab.  Yes, really.  So I take one of my Dell R720 that I like so much and try to boot it with the Win2K12 ISO.  This will be an amazing Windows server with the resources it has!  But wait, I cannot map an ISO.  I have done this a million times but the menu options are not there.  I have a console, and have a Virtual Media option but no way to connect an ISO.  Here is the story of this adventure, at least on the resolution part.  So much for something easy to do.

BTW, I believe that this occur as a result of an update I did recently.  And I am using iDRAC7.

  • Log into the iDRAC.
  • Change to Overview / Server, and then select the Attached Media tab.
  • The Attach Mode needs to have the value of Auto Attach.

  • Once you save that, and move back to your console and look under Virtual Media you will see some new things.

  • Now you are back in friendly territory.
  • You can select Map CD/DVD and select your ISO.

  • Don’t forget to change the Next Boot to Virtual CD/DVD/ISO.

As I said I think this was the result of an update I did recently.  However I do not have to do this change on all of my R720’s so not sure.  But hopefully this info helps someone other then me!


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