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Enable VPN to the home lab - on RV325 - the wrong way

Update: After further research, and some excellent info from readers, I have decided to say that you should not use this information.  This is not a safe feature to use in any equipment.  In fact it is hard to believe

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503 Service Unavailable … false _port=9090

Hello all, I have not worked in my home lab for a week or so, with this darn heat wave (right now it is 31 degrees C) I wanted to make sure some of my hosts were in standby mode

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Install and configure of the Cisco RV325 Firewall

Hello all, Something a little different today. Background Some time ago my home lab firewall (RV220W) was end of life (EOL) and of course that was a problem for me.  Not that I had ever called Cisco for support but

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Home Security Gadgets Revisited

Hi there, I have played with quite a number of the new security appliances that are simple and useful at home. I like how they are self-contained and don’t require contracts or monitoring other then me. But I have had

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My vSphere 6 Upgrade Experience

Hi all, If you are the PS type that does a bunch of these you will like this upgrade. But if you have not done many or any, then I suggest you check out the Chris Wahl vSphere upgrade education

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Install and configure of Veeam ONE

Hello all, I had forgotten that the Veeam monitoring tool - ONE - can do Visio diagrams.  So when I was reminded of that, and when I was thinking about monitoring tools I realized I should check out ONE as

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Home Lab preso at vBrisket

Hello all, I recently spoke at a vBrisket.  Man, was it fun.  A great bunch of people.  And no, since it was winter, there was no brisket.  But food, drink, and great people made it a wonderful event.  If you

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