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Happy Holidays 2015!

Hello everyone, I am back with my wife now (after almost three weeks at DG HQ), and with her family for Christmas and it is the way Christmas should be.  With family and friends that mean a lot to you.

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Happy Holidays!

We are close to Christmas Eve which is a special event in our house.  Things also get busy too since we have invited others to be with us this Christmas.  I wanted to take this opportunity while it was quiet

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Golden Alpine Holidays – Multi day / hut tour

Hello all, After my last post about a mountain holiday I had enough good comments to suggest I could do it again.  This past long weekend my wife – Angela – and I did a mountain holiday.  We flew in

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Via Ferrata – Amazing, and I can’t wait to do it again!

Hello all, This is technical, but in a very different way.  A while back in Switzerland I had a chance to do something called Via Ferrata.  I knew what it was and wanted to do it, but I did something

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Tiger was found!

Hello all, I am back from my holiday – and I am happy to say we did in fact see tigers.  Our holiday was a lot of fun, and we met a lot of interesting and fun people as well

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Holiday Alert – out looking for tigers!

Hello all, I wanted everyone to know that I am taking some time off.  Not really the best time in my new work life, but it was booked already.  My wife and I are off looking for tigers.  I hope

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