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Zerto and ESXi host patching - be aware!

Hello all, Just something to be aware of.  When you have Zerto installed, you will generally have it installed to each of the hosts in your cluster.  Meaning the Zerto appliance (VRA) is on each host.  This works well and

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Do passwords in iOS survive the upgrade to a iPhone?

Hi all, This is something I learned quite some time ago.  If you encrypt your backup then after your upgrade or your move to a new iPhone, your passwords will still be there.  This means things like Dropbox, Wi-fi, and

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Backing up CIFS shares

This is likely a surprise to you.  Most people might ask why are you doing this?  Doesn’t everybody know how to do this or have a method already?  But in fact with discussions with customers it turns out that not

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Install / Configure Zerto - for local replication

Hello all, I recently showed you how to get vSphere Replication working in your environment.  That is something that many of you have already due to the VMware package you purchased.  But if you need more functionality and scalability, including

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New toy - Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt - Very Nice!

I have mentioned this to you before when it came on the market.  But I got one.  It has an integrated Thunderbolt cable.  I have an older one that travels in my checked luggage that I use with SuperDuper for

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iOS 8 is here - did you want to know just what is in it? Here is the list..

Just about to upgrade my phone.  I actually looked at the notes about the release.  Thought I would share. iOS 8 This update contains hundreds of new features, including the following: •  Messages improvements ◦  Tap to Talk to send

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Please enable Customer Experience Improvement in vSphere 5.5 U2!

This is an odd feature that I really like.  If you install vSphere 5.5 U2 or upgrade to it you will have the ability to help VMware make it a better product.  This feature will provide technical information to VMware

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