Great Adventures - amazing stuff!

Here is a collection of holidays that are pretty special and not what people normally do.  But my wife and I think them pretty nice!  I will add as I remember, or find contact info, and when we do new stuff!

Great Walk - an extra-ordinary walk through two Kenyan National parks (Tsavo West and Tsavo East).  Literally a walk of a life time!  The people that arrange this are among the best guides in the world.  Literally.  We have trusted them with our lives (and luxury) in two separate adventures - in Africa and India!

Walking Holidays in Spain - these guys have a 3 day, and a 7 day trip but they didn’t mind my wife talking them into a 4 day and it was great.  Handed us maps in the morning and he drove to the next place, with our bags, and we walked through hills, wineries, monasteries, and history. Sometimes met the guide for lunch, or a tour, but always he was there at the end of the day. Saw a lot of wonderful things and eat and drank wonderful stuff.

Spanish Trails - thanks to a friend of Jad‘s, not sure who, my wife and I were able to join an interesting group of VMware people, and did a walk through Barcelona stopping in wonderful bars and restaurants.  We walked with a very good guide and learned about the city, history, and even the food and drink.  A very good tour.

Via Ferrata - this was near Calgary and a most excellent adventure.  See more here.  I have done it twice now.  Second time I took some friends - and it was great.

Mistaya Lodge - we spent three nights here and it was amazing.  Everything you might expect but not always get - great food, great terrain, and great guides.  So a 15 - 18 minute helicopeter ride in, and out and three days of hiking and it was wonderful.  We did this in the height of summer (August long weekend) but I think it might be pretty good in the winter for high end skiing.  Here is my pictures from this trip.


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