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EMP is actually very scary!

Recently while traveling I talked with someone about EMP. They had seen it in a TV show and though it was more or less like what was in the TV show. In the TV show the bad guys had a

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Why vExperts should get some support!

Hi all, If you download Veeam to test it out you get basic support.  If you are a Veeam Vanguard you get premier support. As a vExpert we get no support.  I think we should get some basic level of

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Newsletter: February 21, 2015

Hello all, I hope everyone is warm and comfortable today – it is quite cold, and very much full of snow here in Nashua – in fact just started snowing again!  Glad I am heading to California tomorrow as it

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Newsletter: January 25, 2014

Hello all, I am back in Nashua after a week in Pittsburgh.  Did you know that they have – in Pittsburgh – 468 bridges?  That one of them – Fort Pitt produces the most amazing traffic jam every weekday morning?

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Is backup really broken? Is there more?

I saw in a co-worker’s work blog article that one of the things from the Gartner DC conference was that backup was broke.  Plus recently I saw this about how its not backup but restore.  I am a guy that

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Newsletter: August 31, 2014

Hello everyone, I am recovering from hard work at VMworld, and catching up on email.  Plus doing some blog catch-up too. I already wrote up some thoughts and suggested reading on VMworld.  There is a lot out there.  But this

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Newsletter: July 11, 2014

Hello all, I am very late with this.  I have not done last weekends yet!  Very sorry about that, but this is part of my excuse.  But also I am part of a start-up that is trying to do a

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