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vMotion fails & how I fixed it

I had vMotion fail this morning in a way that was quite different - meaning it could start OK but things were not OK.  In the Recent Tasks it actually said failed vMotion from one server to another and with

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Odd Problem - sometimes you do need to get irritated!

I have added a Synology (DS1813+) into my lab.  It has been around for a while to help with a few different things, but now is going to expand the number of VMs I can host.  The management of it

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vMotion of certain machines would not work

Hi there, I experienced a frustrating issue today.  I tried to vMotion a virtual machine and it would not go.  Compatibility issue.  Error message is below. I could vMotion with some of the hosts, but not most of them.  This

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Newsletter: August 15, 2015

Hello there, I hope everyone is well today.  We have had a week of very hot weather and late afternoon yesterday it finally broke and started to cool, and then rain.  Still raining now and a very nice 10 degrees

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Newsletter: February 21, 2015

Hello all, I hope everyone is warm and comfortable today - it is quite cold, and very much full of snow here in Nashua - in fact just started snowing again!  Glad I am heading to California tomorrow as it

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Newsletter: January 25, 2014

Hello all, I am back in Nashua after a week in Pittsburgh.  Did you know that they have - in Pittsburgh - 468 bridges?  That one of them - Fort Pitt produces the most amazing traffic jam every weekday morning?

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