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What is a technical evangelist?

I was asked about this recently.  And I have debated it a little at work.  So I thought I should get it down.  A technical evangelist was called technical marketing in the past.  But it is in fact more than

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What’s in the bag – v2?

I did the first version of this a while back. But I had a small change – new computer – that has a slightly different footprint so enough changed and so I am going to do this again.  Plus, my

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What’s in the bag?

In the military, you often talked about what was in your pack, or what did you carry in your ass pack.  There were standards and suggestions but it was the extra stuff that people carried that was interesting.  Especially when

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Why vExperts should get some support!

Hi all, If you download Veeam to test it out you get basic support.  If you are a Veeam Vanguard you get premier support. As a vExpert we get no support.  I think we should get some basic level of

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Making a difference in the mass shootings

This is not my normal article but I cannot help myself. There was a terrible event recently where a number of people were killed by a deranged individual.  People are saying more gun control is required.  Others are saying that

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Travel Suggestions

Hello all, I saw this great travel for business people tips article by Andre and it got me thinking.  He does a great job of suggesting things that business people should be aware of.  But I have some things to

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