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Newsletter: January 25, 2014

Hello all, I had an interesting week working with engineering on our cool new stuff.  Helping them to understand what is a ‘typical’ customer network, or how customers might adopt and use our stuff.  So really a lot of fun. 

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Don’t you want something more from your storage?

Hi, I installed my first Storage Area Network (SAN) - a Compaq one - maybe 15 or more years ago.  It took me several weeks, and I needed a lot of help.  It was done in Jakarta Indonesia so that

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Where do I work? - DataGravity!!

Hi all, I heard some chat about where people work, and where they pretend to work on Twitter and I thought I would mention where I work.  I am a Product Manager at DataGravity.  Two of us - Steve Kearns,

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SRM Testing (and external resources)

Hello all, This is something I have been asked about a lot.  We have had labs on it, and I wrote blogs on it when I was working at VMware.  But I still get asked.  So I am going to

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Newsletter: January 18, 2014

Hello everyone, I trust that everyone had a week that they survived?  Survived is good, but if you had fun, and accomplished things, that is of course even better!  I have a range of things this week, and as always

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Did you see this? CloudPhysics will tell you the last time you updated your templates!

Hello all, I am writing a more interesting article (hopefully!) about solving things using CloudPhysics when I saw this card - which is new to me - that I thought was quite cool.  In fact, it has prompted me right

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What software do I use on my work MacBook Pro?

Hi everyone! I always like to read this sort of thing that other people that I know or respect do.  Sometimes I find some a real gem of software.  So here is my software that I think important.  Some of

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