Newsletter: February 25, 2017

Hello all, I had most of the week at home and is that ever nice.  Plus I have made some good progress on the work lab.  I hope to finish it next week and then work on my own pod

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Newsletter: February 18, 2017

Hello all, I had hoped by this time, with all the time in the datacenter I recently spent that I would have a new work lab.  It is not to be however, as the work is not done, and there

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Veeam install and SQL error

Hi there, Just installing Veeam Backup & Replication (VBR) and using an off-host SQL server.  And I got an error: Now, I am not a SQL guy, but I can normally make it work.  So from this error I did

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Newsletter: February 11, 2017

Hello all, I have spent the last six days in a datacenter trying to build a lab.  It was a greenfield, and that made it a lot harder than I expected.  I have a draft of article on it, and

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Veeam and access to private and non-routing networks

Storage networks and vMotion networks should be private and non-routing. But when you do that – lately for me – people think that you cannot use NFS backups with Veeam. But you can in fact. Easy if you know how.

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Newsletter: February 4, 2017

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a most excellent week. Enjoying the weekend as well I hope.  Sunday I head out on the road again – this time to Columbus to build out our work lab.  Quite excited about

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Why to go to VeeamON 2017?

Hi all, We are supposed to be doing videos on this, and it got me thinking.  Here are some reasons I think if you are a Veeam user, or a Veeam partner, on why you should attend VeeamON which is

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