vSAN hardware compatibility issue – and the solution, not what I expected!

I am building out a new pod at work for my lab.  It has four new R730 Dell servers that are completely on the HCL for vSAN.  It was important to me, so not only did I confirm that myself

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How to install and configure Dell OpenManage Integration for vCenter v4

If you would like to know why I like this tool so much, check out this article. This is an important tool if you have Dell servers. Upgrades from 3.x to 4.x There is no upgrade from 3.x. However, you

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Why have the Dell OpenManage integration for vCenter?

It is not because it is a vSphere Web Client plug-in.  It is not because on each host I have information like the screenshot below shows. It is not because of the screenshot below either. While all the things I

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Newsletter: March 4, 2017

Hello all, I hope that everyone had a very nice week, or, if not, I hope you are enjoying the weekend?  I had a good week, another one at home, and got a lot of lab work done. I hope

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How to build a Windows 10 vSphere Template

I really do like templates.  I can very easily create a working – and yet customized how I like – virtual machine in a very short amount of time   And with no decisions or configuration to worry about.  I

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Newsletter: February 25, 2017

Hello all, I had most of the week at home and is that ever nice.  Plus I have made some good progress on the work lab.  I hope to finish it next week and then work on my own pod

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Newsletter: February 18, 2017

Hello all, I had hoped by this time, with all the time in the datacenter I recently spent that I would have a new work lab.  It is not to be however, as the work is not done, and there

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