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Newsletter: July 11, 2014

Hello all, I am very late with this.  I have not done last weekends yet!  Very sorry about that, but this is part of my excuse.  But also I am part of a start-up that is trying to do a

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Bash Competitors? Not Good.

Hi all, I was chatting yesterday or the day before with a co-worker about how we do not like bashing competitors and we agreed it was not something we would do.  Which was good for me as I have never

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How do product managers get new feature ideas for their product?

People have asked me about where new features come from and it is not what you expect so I thought I would write this article.  I have found many developers and customers who are curious about were features come from

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Server SAN? What is it for? Will it stick around? And what exactly is it?

Yesterday a co-worker - in fact my new boss - sent an email to my fellow PM Steve and I about Server SAN that he found on Wikibon.  You can see the links here and here.  I think they have

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