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Upgrading vCenter Support Assistant

Hello all, I talked about using the vC Support Assistant before.  I think it is a great tool.  It makes it easier to start and update SR’s and supply logs as necessary.  Yesterday, in my monthly report from it I

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Postbox - new email starts here!

Hello all, A quick note before I head out into the mountains for an amazing wine dinner with my wife.  Quite looking forward to it. But I wanted to share that I have decided to move away from the Mail

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Making BgInfo work in Windows 2012

This is the way I make BgInfo work in Windows 2012.  It is a little different than in the past but I still need my BgInfo info screen displayed so this is what I figured out.  Follow the steps! You

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Newsletter: May 25, 2014

Hello all, I am home and very happy indeed to be here!  As much as I like working in our HQ, and the things I can accomplish there in person are key, it is very nice indeed to return home. 

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sysprep executed properly only three times - what’s up about that?

Hi all, In my template article I talk about doing sysprep before you turn the VM into a template.  I got a tweet from Josh Cohen that said sysprep can only be used three times before it will error out. 

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Newsletter: May 18, 2014

Hello all, I have had a pretty good - and hard - week at the HQ.  Our product is taking shape and that is quite exciting.  I had a purchase approved so we are going to build out a realistic

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Newsletter: May 10, 2014

Hello all, A week at home is always good.  Back on the road on Monday but only for two weeks this time.  I had a lot of time in the lab this week - our product has reached a point

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