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After install of Support Assistant, trying to configure gets long red error

Hi there, Still working on bring back to life my home lab.  I love the Support Assistant tool, and while I will not be able to use it to create / manage support incidents - as a vExpert we get

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Newsletter: May 16, 2015

Hello all, It has been a while since I did a newsletter.  Between PTO, and traveling it has been difficult to have the time to do one (it takes roughly 1 day to do a newsletter).  But this weekend I

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Newsletter: April 12, 2015

Hello all, I am still writing to you from Nashua.  Supposed to head home this weekend but instead spend almost the whole thing in the lab.  Exciting times.  It should be done soon and I can head home this week. 

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Internal error has occured - unable to load resource….

After you upgrade your vSphere 5.5 U2d vCenter to vSphere 6, the very first time you log in you get right after the log in an error like below. This error occurs a lot.  Really a lot.  It occurs on

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Newsletter: January 4, 2015

Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well - and remembering to write or type 2015?  It was nice to have some time off lately and I even actually took it off in the mountains.  But home early and lots

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Newsletter: November 16, 2014

Hello all, I am a little behind on my newsletters - that old excuse of life interrupts is true.  I have been able to do some smaller articles recently so that has been good.  But I have a lot of

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Upgrading vCenter Support Assistant

Hello all, I talked about using the vC Support Assistant before.  I think it is a great tool.  It makes it easier to start and update SR’s and supply logs as necessary.  Yesterday, in my monthly report from it I

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