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You can find a collection of different stuff through here!  Look back at Other Stuff and use the drop down and see what choices you have.  There is Reminders which is a collection of URL links for VMware partners, and vBOG is some very useful technical tidbits, such as what settings in BIOS are best for VMware.


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2 thoughts on “Other Stuff!

  1. i am sorry if i am leaving this note in the wrong place.
    I read your article on including ssd cache in your 1813+ nas. I am confused, however, about one issue. did each ssd consume 1 drive space in your 1813+? if so then that means, I can not use the 716+ (two drive spaces) and have ssd cache…is that correct? so at the very least, a person who desires ssd cache as you implemented it, needs a nas that has at minimum 3 bays….and probably from a practical point of view, 4 bays. am i making sense? or have i misunderstood something.


    1. Yes. Wrong place, you could have left this on the article about doing SSD in Synology. But, the answer is the cache requires two slots, not one. And I suggest you don’t do it. It doesn’t do much to improve performance as a cache. A better idea I could have done is to use two SSD as a volume and turn it into, I think, a iSCSI disk for VMware and that would work better as an SSD volume rather then a cache.


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