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You can find a collection of different stuff through here!  Look back at Other Stuff and use the drop down and see what choices you have.  There is Reminders which is a collection of URL links for VMware partners, and vBOG is some very useful technical tidbits, such as what settings in BIOS are best for VMware.


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2 comments on “Other Stuff!
  1. william h burling says:

    i am sorry if i am leaving this note in the wrong place.
    I read your article on including ssd cache in your 1813+ nas. I am confused, however, about one issue. did each ssd consume 1 drive space in your 1813+? if so then that means, I can not use the 716+ (two drive spaces) and have ssd cache…is that correct? so at the very least, a person who desires ssd cache as you implemented it, needs a nas that has at minimum 3 bays….and probably from a practical point of view, 4 bays. am i making sense? or have i misunderstood something.


    • Yes. Wrong place, you could have left this on the article about doing SSD in Synology. But, the answer is the cache requires two slots, not one. And I suggest you don’t do it. It doesn’t do much to improve performance as a cache. A better idea I could have done is to use two SSD as a volume and turn it into, I think, a iSCSI disk for VMware and that would work better as an SSD volume rather then a cache.


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