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vMotion fails & how I fixed it

I had vMotion fail this morning in a way that was quite different – meaning it could start OK but things were not OK.  In the Recent Tasks it actually said failed vMotion from one server to another and with

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Odd Problem – sometimes you do need to get irritated!

I have added a Synology (DS1813+) into my lab.  It has been around for a while to help with a few different things, but now is going to expand the number of VMs I can host.  The management of it

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Newsletter: December 15

Hello all, For a fair number of years, I think from late 2007 until today, I did a newsletter for a large number of people – weekly in fact. It went out to mostly partners of VMware, and VMware people

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E1000 might bring a PSOD!

I saw this KB article recently and it really surprised me.  You need to make sure you are not using E1000 network drivers if you are using ESXi 5, 5,1, and 5.5.  The article has a grep command line that will help

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