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Is backup really broken? Is there more?

I saw in a co-worker’s work blog article that one of the things from the Gartner DC conference was that backup was broke.  Plus recently I saw this about how its not backup but restore.  I am a guy that

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The file migration tool I suggest you use - SyncBackPro!

Hello all, Before I worked at VMware I was a professional services guy.  I have helped customers migrate to new file servers, new arrays, sometimes even old arrays.  The best tool I ever found was Secure Copy.  It was very

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Backing up CIFS shares

This is likely a surprise to you.  Most people might ask why are you doing this?  Doesn’t everybody know how to do this or have a method already?  But in fact with discussions with customers it turns out that not

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Veeam 7.0 Patch 4 Upgrade - smooth!

Hello all, I upgraded my lab recently to Patch 4 of Veeam 7.0 R2 and it was smooth but since I use and like Veeam I thought I would share how the upgrade went. Here is what I did before

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