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Newsletter: November 29, 2014

Hello all, I hope everyone has had a good week?  Pretty short for those of you in the US.  I had an empty office to work in Thursday and Friday.  Very productive but lonely and quiet.  Thursday - Thanksgiving, I

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Alert - Backup Exec doesn’t follow policy - will actually fill your disks!

Hi all, Just figured this out.  I have been in a hurry lately, and while working with Backup Exec I have had to keep adding disk as I added hosts.  I did change the policy to retain only 1 week. 

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Configuring a CIFS backup with Backup Exec

This was a little harder then expected, as well Backup Exec (BE) support was not as helpful - they tried but communications was harder then I had hoped.  So when I finally got this all working I thought I would

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Newsletter: October 26, 2014

Hello all, I am writing this while in Austin Texas.  As I flew into it I saw an amazing city.  However, I am out on the outskirts where it is mostly hot, sunny, and lonely.  Although, next door to this

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Newsletter: October 19, 2014

Hello all, I had a good and productive week in the lab, and you have seen an article or two as a result of that.  I have several others pending - Search tricks in the DataGravity UI, as well as

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Install / Config Backup Exec 2014

Hello all, In this article I am going to help you install, configure and test Backup Exec.  This is software that has been around a very long time and it shows in the depth of its features.  However they have

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Backing up CIFS shares

This is likely a surprise to you.  Most people might ask why are you doing this?  Doesn’t everybody know how to do this or have a method already?  But in fact with discussions with customers it turns out that not

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