OSX 10.11 El Capitan is now GA

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I am downloading on my spare laptop El Cap right now.  But it is confusing.  You can find it via this link - but it is not seen when you go directly to the (Canadian) App Store.  Confusing.  Hope the US App Store is better behaved (I hear it is).  This may not be an issue either but related to staging?

I am excited for this release for a number of reasons with the key one on how well behaved this OS has been in beta.  Several people I know who tested it in detail have said some rough patches, mostly in the beginning but it has been literally rock sold for a while.  But there are some interesting features - like Split Screen, and improved Search.  I am hopeful for some changes in Photos too!  Should I mention how much I want the wiggle your cursor feature?

Here is a high level breakdown of what the changes are in El Cap, and here is a very deep review.  Plus if you need a boot drive so you can install El Cap on a few Macs check this out.

Here is another detailed and well written review of El Cap by Macworld (Jason Snell) and here is another good one by The Verge.

I will update this article when I know how an upgrade or two go or anything I learn of significance.


  • 10/4/15 - 0941 - Microsoft admits some users may have an issue with Office 2016 and El Capitan.  See this for a tiny bit more info.  I found that if this happens it will take a bit but try and get Office (I was using Word) to open without loading a file.  Once you can do that, you can safely open and save docs.  The problem occurs when you open a word file and have it open word.  Then you get in a loop if you are not careful.
  • 10/2/15 - 1148 - I do have an issue after the upgrade.  It did not happen on the first machine I upgraded.  And I did not notice at first.  It turns out that in a few places - iCloud drive, and my Documents folders I am missing files.  They are not really missing as the space is not freed up.  But they are unseen.  And slowly they are coming back.  Definitely slowly.  Apple says they have seen this before.  I am able to work though and it is mostly data that is impacted and not apps.  Except Excel seems confused.  Will update this entry as I learn more.  It seems that time, and a reboot solve this issue.  Apple thinks it is related to Spotlight, and rare.  I suggest after your update, reboot.
  • 10/1/15 - 1139 - nice list of the improvements in El Capitan.  At least the ones the author of the article likes.
  • 10/1/15 – 0832 – this may be happenstance, but on my second Mac upgrade, when I used View to connect to my work desktop it was – after I connected only a white screen.  I could hear that I connected.  I was using the Mac View client v3.4 and when I upgraded to v3.5 I was able to connect with no issues.
  • 10/1/15 - 0807 - another Mac updated with no issues.  This time a MacBook Pro.  Still around 1.5 hours or maybe a little less.
  • 10/1/15 - 0713 - I used DiskMaker to make a El Cap USB boot disk.  Will help upgrade other machines, and good for emergencies too.  Easy to use and much better then the manual method.
  • 9/30/15 - 1311 - It took roughly 1.5 hours to download and upgrade my spare laptop - which is a MacBook Air.  All my apps - Tweetbot, Evernote, View, Slack, Mail, SecureCRT, BackBlaze kind of stuff worked fine afterwards.  No surprise.
  • 9/30/15 - 1237 - You can find El Cap in the Canadian App Store now.
  • 9/30/15 - 1228 - 6 GB to download, and you need about 8.8 GB to install.


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