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Newsletter: May 30, 2015

Hello everyone, I hope that everyone had a great week!  I had opportunity to work in the lab, and work with developers and product people and that is always a great thing.  So a good week.  I have a range

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Could not install the Exchange Protection Transport agents [10]

Hello there, Those of you who are Exchange people, such as @ExchangeGoddess likely know about this issue.  But I tried to deploy Anti - Malware from BitDefender on my Exchange server and it did not work, and showed the error

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Newsletter: May 24, 2015

Hello all, I traveled to the DataGravity HQ yesterday.  I forgot about the Memorial Day weekend and of course travel was busy.  And of course I could not arrive on the day I wanted but when I finally got here

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Installing MS Exchange 2013 in the lab

Hi there, I want to have Exchange in my lab since it is very popular software and so many customers use it.  I have not installed Exchange for a very long time.  I have done a lot more of the

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Upgrading H710 firmware in Dell R720

Hello all, I am working in the lab today getting PernixData FVP working.  I have an article about doing the PernixData install and configure that you should see soon.  But right now I am doing the firmware stuff - upgrade

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Travel Suggestions

Hello all, I saw this great travel for business people tips article by Andre and it got me thinking.  He does a great job of suggesting things that business people should be aware of.  But I have some things to

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Newsletter: May 16, 2015

Hello all, It has been a while since I did a newsletter.  Between PTO, and traveling it has been difficult to have the time to do one (it takes roughly 1 day to do a newsletter).  But this weekend I

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