Looking for a document author in DataGravity search?

I was asked by someone about how to search for a document author, rather then owner.  This is pretty cool in the v2.1 of our DataGravity software.

Check it out:


You can see above that I just typed in:

author: todd barton

The first file is owned by me. But when we select the file and look at the File Details, we see things are working right.


We see that this Excel file has Todd Barton as the author.  Not owner mind you, but author.  So very handy.

And yes, this discrete feature does depends on the document metadata having an author field with a value we can extract.

BTW, I have a new tag – DGTech – that you can use to find the technical DataGravity articles I do.


  • 12/4/15 – yes, this was author “todd barton” and that worked.  But a better way – particularly for the future, is to do this as author: todd barton so I updated the screenshot and text to reflect this.
  • 12/4/15 – I should also mention that any of the metadata in the document is open to search.  Above you see lang in the properties – along with Todd that is.  So that means you could do a search like lang: ja and see what you find!


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