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Newsletter: June 29, 2014

Hello all, Time for another newsletter!  I am at home once again and quite happy to be here!  I was gone for quite a while, and while it is very important to be close to developers when you are a

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File Migration Series - Overview

Hello, As you may remember, I did exclaim lately I bought new storage.  I am moving from an older QNAP (TS-459 Pro II) and EMC Iomega (PX4-300d)  to a new Synology 1813 and have been talking with people lately about

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Piper Update - #6

Hello all, As you may know I have a Piper security device, and quite like it.  I have written a lot on this which you can find through this tag - Piper.  it has been a while since I last

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Wow - this is very cool! Thanks CloudPhysics!!

You may have seen something in your email yesterday about new stuff from CloudPhysics.  There was a lot of tweeting about it as well.  It all boiled down to new funding, and a new offering - and congrats to everyone

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Newsletter: June 21, 2014

Hello all, A long hard week but things are looking good.  Our product is looking good, and I am looking forward to being able to talk about it and show it off.  I do suggest everyone pass by our booth

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New Storage in the family!

Hello all, I recently had a small issue with one of my storage arrays in my home lab.  I asked on Twitter if I should replace the drive or the array and I had one person say to replace the

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Newsletter: June 15, 2014

Hello all, I am a week in at the DG HQ and it has been a lot of fun, but also overwhelming.  Start-up life is hard, and busy.  As a result I did not blog a lot this week -

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