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Update on Postbox

Hello all, I have been using Postbox for a few days now and I am happy with it.  I will pay for it.  It works better than Apple Mail - particularly with Google.  It is very similar to Apple Mail

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Review: Troubleshooting vSphere Storage by Mike Preston; [PACKT] Publishing Enterprise

I was very excited when I saw this book.  I did not know the author, but I certainly knew of the subject area.  Knew enough in fact, to be nervous of it!  So I was very excited when I got

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Wow! I like the Blacksumac Piper gadget a lot!

Hi all, I just had this show up.  I supported them early on and today their product showed up.  I am talking about the Blacksumac Piper  - a very cool gadget.  They call it Home Security and automation in a

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Pingdom - a very handy tool!

A while back I was supporting the North American VMware sales field around BCDR.  It was a wonderful job.  I talked about backup / recovery, HA, Site Recovery Manager (SRM), and even processes to help DR.  I was a specialist

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