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Newsletter: August 31, 2014

Hello everyone, I am recovering from hard work at VMworld, and catching up on email.  Plus doing some blog catch-up too. I already wrote up some thoughts and suggested reading on VMworld.  There is a lot out there.  But this

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Newletter: August 30 - VMworld Edition

Hello all, I am back in Nashua, got in early this AM, and had a great sleep.  While not at home, nor with my wife, it is good to be out of the excitement that VMworld is.  It was a

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We are Ready. Come visit us…

A short time ago we finished with the setup of our booth.  We are good to go.  Here are some quick photos. Our first visitor (actually the guy who built the booth!). We do have a contest.  If you are

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Hunting for treasure!

Hi everyone, I couldn’t resist.  Hunting for treasure sounds pretty cool and don’t we all like to do that?  Really I could have called this hunting for PII but that doesn’t have the same ring to it.  But lets get

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We are Data-Aware Storage!

Hello all, I am very happy to have the secret revealed.  Yes, that is what I am doing here.  The product that I have worked on since January of this year, and in fact has been underway for two years,

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File Migration Series - Design and Testing

Hi everyone, We are continuing today with our File Migration Series, and we are looking at design and test in this article.  You can find the series, overview, and planning articles if you want to see the other parts of

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Newsletter: August 16, 2014

Hello all, I hope that everyone is doing well today?  I had a hard and long week working with developers and team leads and it was fun.  We got a lot done and that is always good.  Plus time in

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