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View: Customizing Timeout error

Hello all, Something interesting to share today.  This has been ongoing for a while.  I went to add a co-worker to a new View pool so I could work with her in my lab.  But it did not work.  When

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Newsletter: December 29, 2014

Hello everyone, I hope that everyone is enjoying a quiet weekend?  I am, and while I write I am looking out the window at the Three Sisters which is a great view.  Nice to be in the mountains.  We spent a very

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Happy Holidays!

We are close to Christmas Eve which is a special event in our house.  Things also get busy too since we have invited others to be with us this Christmas.  I wanted to take this opportunity while it was quiet

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Newsletter: December 20, 2014

Hi all, This will not be my last article this year.  I am almost done on a number of technical how to articles that I want out before the end of the year.  I had my first week home in

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What is a DiscoveryPoint? Why is it important?

Hi there, I was asked recently what a Discovery Point was and why it was important.  I will start the answer off that with something I wrote before: What is a DiscoveryPoint (DP)?  It is a combination of a things. 

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Is backup really broken? Is there more?

I saw in a co-worker’s work blog article that one of the things from the Gartner DC conference was that backup was broke.  Plus recently I saw this about how its not backup but restore.  I am a guy that

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Newsletter: December 14, 2014

Hello all, I hope that this finds everyone home - happy and safe.  I just got home yesterday after a long time away and I am very happy to be home. I am home for about three weeks and that

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