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VBR 10 – Veeam CDP Replication

I was able to play with the new Veeam Backup & Replication v10 feature CDP before we showed it to the public.  I talked about it a lot with the product manager Vlad and it was very cool. I know

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Protecting against Ransomware

I hear backup companies talking about protecting against Ransomware and it normally means after the fact it will help you recover. Some of them do talk about it that way – and some don’t. But this article will be about

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What a great time – VMworld 2016 Hackathon rules!

Hi all, I had an amazing time at the VMworld EMEA 2016 Hackathon last night.  Team 4 was a bunch of smart people working on an interesting issue. We wanted to have a script that would produce a host availability

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How are Veeam backup files written?

Hello all, One of my co-workers at Veeam – a field SE – has written a short article that I quite like, and with his permission I have reprinted it here.  You can find his blog here and in fact

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What is a Technical Product Manager?

As I look for work, this term – technical product manager (TPM) comes up and not everyone knows what it is. I know some amazing product managers – like Jacob Jensen and Azmir Mohamad – hope they don’t mind my

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Management Cluster (Stack?) thoughts

Hi there, I hope for some comments on this to improve my thinking. Background The idea of Management Clusters is not particularly old or new.  My first exposure was when I was part of Integration Engineering in R&D at VMware. 

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Happy Holidays 2015!

Hello everyone, I am back with my wife now (after almost three weeks at DG HQ), and with her family for Christmas and it is the way Christmas should be.  With family and friends that mean a lot to you.

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