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How to distribute your cert via AD

Hi all, I recently updated the cert on my storage array - still a self signed one but one that had all the correct info.  I manually added the cert to my local Windows and I was able to connect

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Newsletter: March 28, 2015

Hello all, I hope that this finds everyone well.  I missed doing the last newsletter due to traveling and a complete lack of time.  Sorry about that.  I had a very good time at home for two weeks and I

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A Primer on vSphere Content Libraries

Hello all, I would like to write a small series on Content Libraries as I think they are handy and useful.  I will start by saying that I sat in a few meetings about Content Libraries while at VMware R&D

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Upgrading the BIOS in Intel White Box Servers - S2400SC

Hello there, I have two of these Intel servers and they needed to have their BIOS update recently.  Finding the bits was easy to find (Google s2400SC bios update), and so was the readme.txt to help with the install.  The

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My vSphere 6 Upgrade Experience

Hi all, If you are the PS type that does a bunch of these you will like this upgrade. But if you have not done many or any, then I suggest you check out the Chris Wahl vSphere upgrade education

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Internal error has occured - unable to load resource….

After you upgrade your vSphere 5.5 U2d vCenter to vSphere 6, the very first time you log in you get right after the log in an error like below. This error occurs a lot.  Really a lot.  It occurs on

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My View 6.1 Upgrade

I have two labs, and one is at home, and one is at work in Nashua, New Hampshire.  So no matter where I am, I am always connecting to a remote lab.  In both of them View is my product

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