DataGravity Discovery Series v2.2

This is a big release.  Work on it has been underway for a while.  I am happy to finally be able to share information about it with you.  Here is my list of what is new!


Yes, every file stored on a DataGravity array will have a SHA-1 created fingerprint.  Actually it is of the inside of the file so that means if someone renames the file, or changes if from Excel to PDF, it will still have the same fingerprint. For arrays that are upgraded to 2.2 or later, you will only have fingerprints for files on newly created shares.  If you want fingerprints for files on the array before the upgrade call Support to get help with that.  This is what a file fingerprint looks like:


Or if you look into the expanded File Details:


Of course you can double+click on the fingerprint, and copy / paste it into Search.


Note how two files were found, but yet the name is different?  Cool isn’t it?  I have an article in the work on how you can use these fingerprints in other interesting ways.

Alerting on Excessive Activities

This is where you can get an alert when certain activities happen at a certain rate.  You pick the activities (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) and you pick the rate.


This is a a handy tool when you are concerned about certain behavior.

National Provider Identifier pre-defined tag

Like Social Security, or Credit cards, we now have an NPI tag we will identify as we crack and index.

Self Serve Upgrade

This is a big one too - especially for me as I often upgrade my .next array.  You can now use the UI to upgrade.


Data-aware iSCSI attached datastores

Like NFS since 1.0 you can now have iSCSI hosted virtual machines with full file analytics, activity tracking and content extraction.  It also has full VAAI support too.

Hyper-V Support

You can get all the Data-aware goodness if you are Hyper-V with this release.  This includes ODX support as well.  I have not got my Hyper-V working yet - been on the road so no screenshots here but next time I will have some for you.

Miscellaneous Improvements

We have a number of core improvements in the area of scalability, performance and usability.  This includes things like a new message display library - seen as improve messaging to the UI user, and the increase to the Microsoft limit (1024) of nested AD groups for a user.  Below is an example of the new message display. It only displays for short time, but it can be pinned, or closed immediately.


Where can you get this update?

The release is available from our support organization. Customers should contact support to schedule the free upgrade. BTW, here is the article from our CEO on this release.

Let me know if you have questions or comments.


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