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Behind the scenes with my newsletter

I have been asked about where the odd name for my blog came from, and how do I do the newsletter.  So here is the info on this blog, and my newsletter. In no special order, just what I remember.

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Why I like the vExpert program!

Someone I work with – and quite like – made some disparaging comments on the vExpert program.  I did not have much time to ask about it, but it was mostly due to how easy it is to get into. 

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Technical Evangelist – Veeam!

Hello everyone, I am very happy to share with you that starting next Monday (4/18/16) I will be part of the Technical Evangelist group at Veeam.  So I will be working with some serious rock stars, and with some great

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DataGravity and I, are no longer

Hello there, This is a little hard to write for me.  I was laid off earlier this week.  RIF’ed is the phrase I think.   I feel very bad about this particular situation as I believe very strongly in DataGravity.  I

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Security in the cloud – for normal people

Hi there, I had this conversation with some folks who are not really in our profession and thought it successful enough to share here in case it helps someone else. What is dangerous about the cloud? This can actually be

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Thinking of 9/11

Hi all, This is a little different article from me.  But I wanted to share some thoughts on my experience on 9/11 – 14 years ago today.  I was on-board a cruise ship with my family midpoint along the Canadian

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How do product managers get new feature ideas for their product?

People have asked me about where new features come from and it is not what you expect so I thought I would write this article.  I have found many developers and customers who are curious about were features come from

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