My new job!

Hello all,
I am excited to share that I am working at a new job.  I am now part of the product management team at DataGravity.  This is a startup that is working on a very special product that I am very happy and excited to be part of the team developing it.  This blog is where you will learn everything you need to know about this product - when it is in fact a product!  As this is a startup, while I am part of product management, I will be helping in any way I can to help contribute to our success, so you may be see me doing technical marketing or other things over time.

I believe we will be able to surprise, and amaze as VMware once did.  I still remember explaining and showing how server consolidation worked, and than vMotion.  I think that this product is in the same category so I am very lucky to be part of something that has the potential to surprise much as virtualization did once.

I will be at Partner Exchange and hopefully will run into some of you.  I have been attending PEX since it was TSX.  But in all that time I have not be able to attend many sessions and learn as I was always working at other things.  So I am excited to actually be able to attend and learn!


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