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Wow - this is very cool! Thanks CloudPhysics!!

You may have seen something in your email yesterday about new stuff from CloudPhysics.  There was a lot of tweeting about it as well.  It all boiled down to new funding, and a new offering - and congrats to everyone

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Newsletter: March 30, 2014

Hello all, I hope that everyone has had an interesting week?  Things good I hope.  I have spent a bunch of time working on making our secret product the best version 1.0 I can.  It is harder than it sounds

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Newsletter: March 21, 2014

Hello all, It has been a while since I did a newsletter.  A long PTO in India, and a very busy work life has slowed a lot of things down.  I am working at my first start-up, and it likely

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Newsletter: February 3, 2014

Hello all, I had a hard weekend of travel getting home, and than family things so my newsletter did not even get a start this weekend.  But I am starting it now and hope to have it out soon.  I

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CloudPhysics - a quick audit

Hi all, I have an odd issue in my lab, and one that I have not been able to figure out.  I have documented it carefully and have someone else coming in tomorrow to help me check it out.  But

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Newsletter: January 18, 2014

Hello everyone, I trust that everyone had a week that they survived?  Survived is good, but if you had fun, and accomplished things, that is of course even better!  I have a range of things this week, and as always

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Did you see this? CloudPhysics will tell you the last time you updated your templates!

Hello all, I am writing a more interesting article (hopefully!) about solving things using CloudPhysics when I saw this card - which is new to me - that I thought was quite cool.  In fact, it has prompted me right

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