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Newsletter: December 28

Hello all, I hope that everyone has enjoyed their Christmas and holidays so far?  I had a plugged sink Christmas day about an hour or so before people showed up.  So that was exciting but our dinner turned out wonderful,

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Solving issues using CloudPhysics

Hello all, I know I said this was the last post of the year, but I thought of some cool things I wanted to share so here we are.  I had some interesting issues when I was at my previous

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PowerCLI Series - vCheck

Hi all, This is likely my last blog for the year.  At least right now I think that.  But I wanted to get this done.  This is the end of the PowerCLI Series - at least for now.  As I

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vSphere 5.5b Upgrade - things to know!

Hello everyone, Things winding down for the holiday, but I have some time still so am trying to get some things done.  This post is about the vSphere vC 5.5b upgrade, and host patching.  Both were released very recently -

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PowerCLI Series - sample use script - configure DNS, domain, and NTP

Hello again, Don’t you love time off (and wife not around)?  I can work on what I want.  So very productive on this PowerCLI stuff, and I will do a vC upgrade blog soon too.  But back to this.  In

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PowerCLI Series - sample useful scripts - stop SSH

Hello again, In part 1 I helped you to get PowerCLI working.  Now we are going to look at some scripts that are very useful.  I am not a developer of scripts, but rather a consumer.  I can tweak them

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PowerCLI Series - Getting Started

Hello all, I want to help everyone get more out of PowerCLI.  So I am going to work through a short series on getting started with it, and doing a number of different things with it.  This is more about

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