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Newsletter: August 27, 2015

Hello all, I know I am late with this.  Things have been very busy and time has been in very short supply.  I am in San Francisco for training, which is nicely discounted as part of the VMworld event.  I

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Why I like VMware Infrastructure Navigator so much

Hi there, I mentioned that VMware Infrastructure Navigator (VIN) was part of the vRealize family and that I liked it, and someone asked me why.  I never got to demo for him why but I realized that I have been

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What’s New in DataGravity Discovery Series V2?

Hello all, I was rereading my article from yesterday on the Log Insight Content Pack and of course I realized that the requirement of DataGravity array firmware v2 had nothing public on exactly what it was.  I had done a

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August 5 vExpert Webinar details

Hello all, On August 5 DataGravity and I hosted a private vExpert briefing on DataGravity Storage Array version 2.  On the 11th of August it went GA and so now I can share with everyone what we talked about. Here

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Interesting Scam - ALERT

Hi there, I just fumbled typing in my browser and all of a sudden a women is talking to me.  And I see this. And the OK leads you to a loop.  Thank goodness I use Chrome as they

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My very weird lab issue - a not fun lab story

This is one of the weirder issues I have had to deal with (and if we ever drink together I can share some really weird issues - some problems involving steel, and some salt in fact). Things are working again,

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Introducing the DataGravity Content Pack v1.0 for Log Insight

Hello there, I am very happy to share with you today the DataGravity Content Pack for Log Insight.  It is working its way through VMware Certification but it should be out soon and so I wanted to share with you

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