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The Power of NOT

Really, there is power to knowing how to NOT do something.  And in Nashua lately that means how to not shovel snow.  Which no one has escaped! We had 23 – 30 inches of snow in a day.  Quite fun.

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Upgrading Dell’s OpenManage Integration for vCenter

Hello all, A short note.  Installing Dell’s wonderful plugin for vCenter to help manage Dell hardware and software for Dell servers in my lab and I noticed there is an update.  So here is the article I used to install

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Newsletter: January 25, 2014

Hello all, I am back in Nashua after a week in Pittsburgh.  Did you know that they have - in Pittsburgh - 468 bridges?  That one of them - Fort Pitt produces the most amazing traffic jam every weekday morning?

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Check out my new HooDoo TripMate Elite!

I heard about these new gadgets and they seemed to be interesting.  In the long ago past I cared a LinkSys portable WAP, and in the not long ago past I carried an Apple mini Extreme and they were all

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Home Lab preso at vBrisket

Hello all, I recently spoke at a vBrisket.  Man, was it fun.  A great bunch of people.  And no, since it was winter, there was no brisket.  But food, drink, and great people made it a wonderful event.  If you

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Newsletter: January 17, 2014

Hello all, I hope that this finds everyone well and happy this lovely weekend. I have had an interesting week working at CorpHQ as I get to work with some smart dev staff and work on an interesting product.  Today

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Installing DataGravity’s Intelligence Service - automated!

Hello all, We are going to look at how we can push out the DataGravity Intelligence Service (DGIS) to virtual machines.  This will take care of the install, and updates too.  In my lab of 30 or 40 machines it

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