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Newsletter: July 11, 2014

Hello all, I am very late with this.  I have not done last weekends yet!  Very sorry about that, but this is part of my excuse.  But also I am part of a start-up that is trying to do a

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Newsletter: February 9, 2014

Hi all, I had not expected to do this today.  I thought tonight or tomorrow early.  But the kind of VMware partner I am means I don’t get all the access I thought it did.  Most but not all.  I

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Newsletter: February 3, 2014

Hello all, I had a hard weekend of travel getting home, and than family things so my newsletter did not even get a start this weekend.  But I am starting it now and hope to have it out soon.  I

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PowerCLI Series - vCheck

Hi all, This is likely my last blog for the year.  At least right now I think that.  But I wanted to get this done.  This is the end of the PowerCLI Series - at least for now.  As I

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