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How do you backup, the Veeam backup server?

Hi all, I have been asked this often enough that I thought I would answer it here!  This is what I do: I have a password protected backup config.  With it being password protected it will protect passwords too.  This

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VBR 10 – Veeam CDP Replication

I was able to play with the new Veeam Backup & Replication v10 feature CDP before we showed it to the public.  I talked about it a lot with the product manager Vlad and it was very cool. I know

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Why to go to VeeamON 2017?

Hi all, We are supposed to be doing videos on this, and it got me thinking.  Here are some reasons I think if you are a Veeam user, or a Veeam partner, on why you should attend VeeamON which is

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