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Encrypt AND fence PII when found!

Hi there, This is a report from the VMworld Solutions Exchange floor.  I visited with HyTrust and had a great demo. I saw PII found, where the result was the folder containing it, which was inside a VM, was encrypted. 

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Backup in VMware Cloud on AWS? Yes, Veeam does it!

Hello there, I can now say openly that I have been working in VMC and good thing too.  I quite like it.  And I am happy to say – thanks to some hard work by Veeam developers, you can do

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Newsletter: August 25, 2017

Hello all, I am in transit to VMworld and very excited about it.  So this newsletter will be a bit small.  I plan on doing some blogs onsite about important stuff.  Already thinking about the first one and how to

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Newsletter: August 19, 2017

Hello all, I think many of us are scrambling to be ready for VMworld – right?  Some for meetings, or demo’s, or presentations.  It is a very exciting time, both to meet people you have not seen for a while,

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Document your vSphere environment? Yes you can!

I heard from Ariel Sanchez that he needed something tested.  It was vDocumentation and him and Edgar Sanchez had something very cool.  I want to share it with you as I think it very handy.  It produces very nice reports

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DHCP is not doing its job!

Hi there, I am supposed to be out with my wife orienteering.  A very useful sport for people that spend a lot of time in the mountains exploring. But I had a problem in my lab.  DHCP was not being

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Newsletter: August 12, 2017

Hi all, One of the more exciting things in this short week was finding out I was #31 on the Top vBlog 2017.  I was 38 last year.  So that is a big deal and I very much appreciate everyone

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