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Keep your domain controllers separated!

Hi there, I mention in my vSphere Best Practices that you should have an anti - affinity rule to keep your domain controllers on different hosts.  That way if there is a host outage, the odds of losing both or

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Newsletter: April 23, 2016

Hello all, So my first week on the job at Veeam.  Wow, I am quite lucky. Some great products and a lot of smart people and I certainly like that.  The team I am part of is the Evangelist team

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Veeam backup failed - the operation is not allowed in the current state

Hello all, I recently had a backup failure.  It was of my lab DC, and I had just upgraded it from Win2K8 R2 to Win2K12 R2.  I saw this in my status email. I love these well designed emails as

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Moving from old iPad to a new iPad

Hi there, I got a new iPad going today, to replace my old one.  I thought since it is a little different process I would detail it for people. Use iTunes, and do an encrypted backup of the old iPad.

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Newsletter: April 16, 2016

Hi everyone, I hope this finds everyone enjoying the weekend?  And in particular after a nice week I hope. I had another week in the lab and taking it easy (not really so much) and it turned out a pretty

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PowerCLI Series - PowerActions

Some time ago, I did a PowerCLI Series.  There was the getting started in Part 1, followed by Part 2, Part 3, and in Part 4 we looked at getting vCheck working.  That was updated yesterday BTW. After recently playing

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Technical Evangelist - Veeam!

Hello everyone, I am very happy to share with you that starting next Monday (4/18/16) I will be part of the Technical Evangelist group at Veeam.  So I will be working with some serious rock stars, and with some great

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