503 Service Unavailable … false _port=9090

Hello all,

I have not worked in my home lab for a week or so, with this darn heat wave (right now it is 31 degrees C) I wanted to make sure some of my hosts were in standby mode – DPM.  When I tried to log in via the vSphere Web Client I got this message.


503 Service Unavailable means the web server doesn’t answer.  I found this KB article (2033822) and it mentions that it is a Win2K8 issue.  Which I am using in fact.  The solution is a hotfix from MS, but I can also say a double re-start solved it for me.  I am not sure if I will upgrade this server to Win2K12  – which is the standard in my work lab – or if I will wait for the vC to vCSA lab fling to support vC 6 to vCSA 6.

I thought this was interesting so worth sharing.  Hope it helps,


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