How to remove Runecast

Runecast is not an app that I suspect will be removed very often – the value it provides is significant.  But in my case I need to get a screenshot of the install to update my install article. So I thought I  would write down how I uninstall Runecast.

This is all done under the gear icon.

  1. API Access tokens and delete the API you used for you vCenter connection.
  2. Now in the Connections area remove your vCenter connection.
  3. Now power down the appliance and remove it.
  4. You will need to remove the plug-in by accessing the vCenter via https://vcenter_fqdn/mob and authenticate with the admin credentials.
    1. Click on Content.
    2. Click on Extension Manager
    3. Look for one that starts biz.runecast and copy it into the paste buffer.
    4. Look for the unregister extension option and select it.
    5. Paste the extension info into the value field and make sure you remove the [] and quotes.
    6. Hit the Invoke button.
    7. You will now have a blue banner in vCenter, and you need to hit the refresh button and the plug-in will be gone.
  5. Done.

I suspect there will be a way to remove the plug-in via the UI at some point in the future.


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