What about the future of my blog?

Hello there,

I just sold my lab again.  Not replacing it this time. ALS really messes me up.  So this blog is going to be:

  • Newsletter
  • Lego pictures
  • When my wife and I can travel the world again, there will be pictures and stories from around the world.
  • Anything that interests me and I would like to share.

I will not delete anything, but I understand if many of you wish to not follow me any longer.  Don’t forget I will do the newsletter until I am dead.


14 thoughts on “What about the future of my blog?

  1. Hello Michael, I’ve been following your blog for several years now, thank you for your interesting posts, great technical posts as well as other topics of general interest.

  2. Thanks Michael for all the work you’ve shared. Yes, thanks for keeping your site up as I refer to it often, vSphere HC’s, Nexenta upgrades, Horizon View stuff. Man I really wish you the best! God bless you and your wife.

  3. Thanks for continuing the newsletter and real-time look in to your life.
    Your newsletter has been very beneficial over time. I appreciate your time and effort in the past and future.
    I can sense frustration. Continue to take care of yourself and enjoy the Lego time.

    Can you confirm that http://www.als.ca is the correct organization for donating support? Is there another organization you prefer?

  4. I am sorry to hear about the progression of ALS and that you have to give up your lab. I pray that God will bless you and your wife as you deal with this disease. I will continue to read all of your posts.

  5. Hi Michael

    Been following your site since you did the unofficial SRM guides way back when, and always enjoyed the content no matter what it is. There is always something of interest.

    Keep delivering what you can as you can to keep the mind active. Lego is awesome (avid collector still after many years) so looking forward to that content.

    While I think we can all sense the frustration because of ALS, your determination is definitely there still with that last sentence!!

  6. Hi Michael. Catching up on my vmware blogrolls and your new news saddens me. I will pray for you and wish you and your wife the very best fight you can muster.

    I look forward to the lego and travel pics.


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