Have Apple Watch? Got a new iPhone? This might help!

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Just a few minutes ago they tried to deliver my new iPhone 6s.  I know that thanks to my doorbell.  Too bad I wasn’t there.  In anticipation of having it soon, I was reading a review of the new iPhone 6s and I found it very interesting about how the writer got his Apple Watch working with his new iPhone and it was not as easy or obvious, as it could be.  Also not sure if it was or is the only way.  But it worked.

Here is the info from the article about how to move to a new iPhone when you have an Apple Watch paired with your old iPhone.

“Restore my new iPhone from my old iPhone’s latest backup, then open the Apple Watch app. The companion app wanted to set up an Apple Watch from scratch, so I had to open the Settings app on Apple Watch and choose Erase All Content and Settings under General and Reset. After pairing iPhone and Apple Watch again, the app told me I had a backup from today, allowing me to easily restore. Not too painful, but this could be smoother next year” – from this article.

I will be home on Sunday, and hopefully Monday the delivery guys will be back with my new phone and I can give this a try myself.


2 thoughts on “Have Apple Watch? Got a new iPhone? This might help!

  1. Michael… You have to remember to unpair from the original iPhone which will force a Watch backup and then when you re-pair it with the new phone you can do a restore. You have to re-enroll any Pay cards you have on the system. My setup was pretty painless. The bigger issue I am having is 70% less battery life with WatchOS2. There is definitely something doing a battery drain.

    1. Thanks Dave, i did not know that the unpair also does a backup. Very good to know. BTW, I am not seeing the difference in battery life. I just wore it all day yesterday, and till this morning and it still had 34% left. Which is about normal for me. Hopefully you can figure out which app is the problem. I know how to do that on the iPhone but not watch.


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