watchOS 2 is here!

Hi there,

I saw this while I was checking out the news this morning (actually a few mornings ago on the 16th).

But it does show up, and only a few days late.  Below you can find some helpful links.  You need to update your phone to iOS 9 before updating your watch.

Updating –

More info –

Feature walk through (very nicely done) –

Technical Spec’s –

However, I cannot report how my update went, as I am in the boondocks (wait, actually here) and what wireless we get is less then ideal.  And there is no phone service at all so I cannot use that trick.


  • 9/28/15 – I had Siri not answering me, Maps was not able to find me, and Carrot was not able to tell me the temperature.  Everything else was working very well.  Apple Support had me unpair, and pair to fix this.  That did fix Maps, but it did not fix Siri or Carrot.  I powered off, and on the watch (hold both buttons in until watch powers off – and hold long button to power on) and that fixed Siri.  It did take a minute or two after the restart for it to work properly.  I had to remove Carrot and install it again to fix it.
  • If while trying to check if you have an update you get an error, repeatedly, about no internet connection, then restart your phone.  That is why solved my problem and allowed me to start the upgrade.
  • If you have sync issues then here is some help.  Painful but it will work.
  • 9/24/15 – my watch updated fine – almost.  Took quite some time on the slow Wifi here, but after it was done Siri on my watch doesn’t work.  It did before the upgrade and it still does on my iPhone.  Have not been able to investigate yet.


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