Newsletter: October 31, 2015

Hello all,

I hope this finds everyone good?  I had a difficult week due to hardware and software issues that were seeking me out entirely too much!  I am at DG HQ and there was something of unusual significance this week.  Halloween.  Thursday our offices were decorated and a lot of kids visited.  I had no idea it would be so huge. Almost every office and cubicle was decorated, and many were extensively decorated as was the office.  It was pretty cool and I already look forward to next year.  I think our CEO - Paula will be doing a blog with pictures and I will be sure to share that.  It was really something so I hope to share that article out.

I will be getting PernixData in the lab again, so I will update those articles, and there is another cool hardware / software that I am trying to get into my lab that will be very exciting and of course cause interesting articles to be created but not sure when (if) that will show up.

Lots to share so as always I hope you find things interesting or useful.

Have a great week!


VMware ESXi 6.0 U1 PSOD when NetFlow in use
There is a currently an issue with 6.0 U1 when using NetFlow in vDS or NSX that may cause a PSOD.  Very unpleasant.  For more info and workaround check this article.

VDI on VSAN upgrade: Part 3: Host Upgrade via vSphere Web Client
This is one of the first articles that is showing VUM upgrade process using the vSphere Web Client which become possible in vSphere 6 U1. Here is one article from the same author on an interesting VSAN issue.

vSphere Cert replacement series
Here is the first four articles of an interesting series about replacing various vSphere certs.  Nicely done in fact.  Great for a lab if you want to learn about this - just work through the articles! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Microsoft Windows Failover Clustering on VirtualSAN
A very good article on how to do Failover Clustering on VSAN.  This is I think the best way to do it - meaning using in-guest iSCSI vs. RDM.  So good info to understand whether you are using VSAN or not.

Upgrade your ESXi 6.0 to Update 1a the easy way
This is in fact the easy way - couple of copy and paste actions and you are done.  Nice indeed.

What is the vCenter Watchdog?
Here is an article that goes into great details on the Watchdog and it is really good background info.

Virtual SAN Stretched Cluster Best Practices White Paper
If you are looking at doing some VSAN over a stretched cluster you really need to check this out.

VSAN Proactive Rebalance not starting
Cormac has an article about why VSAN proactive rebalance may not occur.  If you are playing with VSAN or looking after it this is good to know.

How Long are Virtual Machines stunned for snapshots and vMotion?
A nice article explaining what stun is and how long it occurs for for each of these actions and how you can figure it out.  VMware has done a very good job on how this works so that there is very little impact.

Quick Tip - Fix for CIP no longer functioning in vSphere Web Client after Chrome 45 update
William recently updated this article to let us know that vSphere 5.5 U3a has in it the fix for this that was previously only available for vSphere 6.  Very good news!  Don’t forget that it is not as easy as just doing the update.  You need to update vC and ESXi as well as update the CIP.

SRM Stays fresh and continues to impress
An article about SRM 6.1 and how far it has come, and what great support is has.  I do love SRM, and a big part of that is I know customers who have used it successfully.  Many of them in fact.  Not always due to a disaster but sometime for other things like learning about applications or migrations.

What’s New with Horizon 6.2 - part 3
This series continues with part 3 that checks out some of the user experience improvements.  This is really a big release and I like these articles as they give me a little more detailed info about new features. Here is part 1, and part 2.

Enable TouchID support in View
If you use your iPad with View, and you have complex passwords for your AD account it can be a bit tricky.  So it is very good indeed that you can now use TouchID to authenticate.  You can learn more about the iOS Biometric feature here and the info to configure / enable.

VMware Horizon View Secret Weapon
This is a most excellent article about how you can use a script to change View desktop settings depending on the point of connection (internal or external) and how to check to see if it works.  This really very useful indeed!  Well done!

Getting Started with Log Insight
A nice intro to what may turn into a very nice series about Log Insight.

Log Insight 3.0 Agents: CSV Parser
This article is a great example of the power of the LI 3.0 agents.  This article talks about how you can use the CSV parser to import events via an agent.  Very powerful.

Docker Detector Using Log Insight
Here is an article about catching docker instances with Log Insight and alerting in vR Ops that compliance where they are running docker is Not Compliant.  This is a good article, not for detecting Docker specifically but the process and outline will let you catch anything.  So good info.

vRealize Automation v7.0 Spotlight Innovations Overview
Jad does a very nice job breaking down some of the very cool stuff in vRA 7 in this great article.

How VMware can improve Managing the End User Experience by adding Data and Value to vROps
This article has some suggestions for VMware on how to improve vROps and I think there are in fact some suggestions that would be handy.

VCIX-NV Study Guide
In case you need some help on your VCIX-NV you can find it here.

New PowerCLI Book - Mastering PowerCLI by Sajal Debnath
Alan is talking about a new PowerCLI book in this article.  Since he is the PowerCLI guy, it is very good to hear him talking about it.  This book looks good, in that it helps you get started, but also helps with more complex things.

The Geek Whisperers - and Chad
I know somewhat the hosts of the Geek Whisperers and quite like them.  I have only chatted or visited with them individually.  I wonder what they would be like - all of them, together over dinner?  Interesting I think.  In this episode they talk with Chad Sakac.  I know Chad, and like him a lot.  I always learn, and am always entertained when he is around.  It is an interesting chat and you can learn more about what it is to lead 4000 people.

Acropolis Hypervisor Best Practices
If you need some help or want to make sure your experience goes best with Acropolis on Nutanix you can find the BP right here.

VeeamOn - What is Microsoft Nano?
Clint talks about what is the Win2K16 Nano server.  Sounds interesting actually and I suspect it will be quite useful for me when it ships.

New version of Synology Surveillance Software
Many of us use Synology at home, and for good reason too.  Very nice storage.  They come with one or two licenses I think of Surveillance software.  I heard people talking about it and it sounds pretty good.  There is a new version now.

Sysinternals Updates - Many updates
Recently I saw a number of different Sysinternals tools update - things like BGInfo and Autoruns for example.  Find out more.

What’s new in Veeam Availability Suite v9
I have seen info on this new release here and here. I really like the standalone console, and I am very interested in Bitlooker and Useless Data.  Should be interesting when it ships!

My Notes: Docker on a Mac
Steve has some good info to help you get started with Docker on a Mac.  If you want to do that sort of thing it will help you get started.

Dell and EMC
I have heard a lot of chat on this subject.  I am sure that whatever happens is a year or two away.  I can see this going good for customers and competitors too.  Once thing I am glad to hear is that VMware is hands off.  See this for more info.

Sonos Play:5 Review
I love my Sonos gear.  Unfortunately it has not been used much in our house since Apple Music arrived. In theory by the end of the year Apple Music and Sonos should know how to play nice.  We will see.  However, if I was to buy some new Sonos gear I would start with this one.

How to use Split View in OS X El Capitan
I noticed the other day someone wondering how to do this.  It is not quite intuitive but here is the info.

Windows 2012 Hyper-V Essentials
Need to learn a little Hyper-V?  One way is with PluralSight in this.

Play-by-Play: Leveraging Storage Policies in vSphere with PowerShell
If you want to learn how to use PowerShell to interact with Storage Polices in vSphere you can learn via PluralSight in this course.

How to disable WiFi Assist in iOS 9
This new feature in iOS 9 means if you are working on Wifi, and it is bit shaky, your iOS device may start using Cellular data to maintain your connection and performance.  This can have a serious impact on your data plan.  You can turn this off if you like.

4th Gen Apple TV
Would you like to know a little about troubleshooting, or maybe taking screenshots? Here is a good FAQ on it.  What about the top 10 apps available now? My new Apple TV will be delivered on Tuesday.  Quite looking forward to it.  I am disappointed that it currently doesn’t support keyboards, and has a new keyboard layout that is harder to work with.  I hope those two things are updated soon!

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far!


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