Newsletter: October 24, 2015

Hello all,

I hope that everyone has had a good week and are enjoying your weekend.  I had a very busy week, and am very glad it is the weekend.  Unfortunately, while I do this I am also still working.  Will see how that goes!

I recently discovered that Black Eye Peas sound way better than they taste.  Definitely productive music.  So is the Killers too!

I have lots to share - as always, and I hope something for everyone.  Seems like a lot of VSAN today but not deliberately - whatever I find that I think has value and that someone will find useful, I share.


Criteria for Supported Magnetic Drives with VSAN
A nice article on why some drives are supported for VSAN and why some are not.  Nice to know that VSAN Ready Nodes are always built with things on the HCL as it can be easy if you don’t use the HCL to end up with things that don’t work as well as they should.  However, I can add, that if you are working in a home lab, you will be very pleasantly surprised by how practically anything will work for VSAN.

Trend Micro Branching Out with VSAN
An article by Duncan about how Trend Micro is using VSAN.  I am a fan of both VSAN and Trend.  I used to protect both my labs with Trend, and used to implement it at some of my customers too in the old days.  So a cool combination of two things I really like.  These kind of articles are light on technology in a way, but they are things that help customers feel comfortable so that is good.  Here is another one that can help.

VSAN Health Check VIB Installation & vSphere ROBO / Essentials Plus
Good info on why an automatic install may not work.  And for those people where it will not work a script to help.  Very nice indeed!

VSAN and Data-At-Rest Encryption
A nice breakdown of the options for encryption in a VSAN environment. Good info and even some good choices too.  This is not just for VSAN either, but rather any storage in fact.

What is VM Component Protection (VMCP) introduced with vSphere 6?
A very nice article on what this is and how it is needed too.  I think this is a very discrete feature that is not often talked about but has serious value.

Embedded Host Client Fling v3 released!
This is very cool - a most handy fling has been updated.  I very much like having an HTML5 host client.  It runs on all my hosts!  You can find out more info on this new version here.  Note the very easy upgrade that William shows you too.

ESXi Network troubleshooting with tcpdump-uw and pktcap-uw
Someone the other day mentioned they needed to do some ESXi network troubleshooting with tcpdump and it rang a bell for me.  I could not remember at the time why that didn’t seem right to me.  But then I found this article.  While tcpdump works there may be a better choice.

Log Insight 3.0 Agents: Agent Parsers
This is quite cool functionality - and it can help you avoid doing RegEx stuff!  The 3.0 LI agents are pretty cool indeed.   Have you heard about the Agent Groups?  Very cool.  I think Steve will be writing about them at some point.

vRealize Operations 6.1 EndPoint
You can find install info, or learn how to get more metrics from your EndPoint agent.  This is serious new functionality in vROps.  I love how you get what Hyperic does, but without installing Hyperic!  Thanks for this Iwan!

vRealize Operations 6.1 vSphere VMs Memory Dashboard
This is a deep discussion of the VMs Memory Dashboard and it has lots of education in it!  A long read in fact - at least long by blog article standards.  Definitely educational.

vRealize Automation v7
Jad has done some great articles on this new - and not quite released yet - version of vRealize Automation.  You can find part 1, part 2, and part 3 so far.  This really highlights what an amazing release v7 is.  Whether it be the architecture differences, the identity management, or the install / config changes, it is very big, and all very welcome.  Remember, that vRA is supposed to replace Lab Manager and vCD.  And it could mostly do that in the past with some very serious work, and a few issues.  And I think that this version will in fact do a real good job of replacing Lab Manager and vCD for many use cases.  I have had a love / hate thing for the previous versions, but this may be changing.  Thanks Jad for the great articles.

You should backup your VDS Config with PowerCLI
You have been able to export and restore your VDS config for a while.  But are you?  And, if you don’t like doing it via the UI you could do it via PowerCLI and here is how.

USB Devices as VMFS datastore in vSphere 6
This is not something you should do often.  Almost never.  Except, of course for that crazy time when you actually need too.  Not supported, nor fast, but I can see it being useful in an odd emergency.  So here is how.

Using CloudPhysics to Help Identify the Impact of bugs in your environment
Another great use of CloudPhysics.  I love their tool.  This article talks about how you can build a card to show you all of the hosts that fit a specific issue.  Very handy. I sure wish I had the premium CloudPhysics!

CommVault and Nutanix Complete The Treasure Map
This is pretty interesting - CommVault can in fact index Nutanix snapshots.

Notes from the field - Deploying ThinApp’s With VMware App Volumes
A great description of how someone did App Volumes and ThinApps.  It looks pretty cool and seems to solve several problems. View, App Volumes, and ThinApps is a very strong combination!

Heads Up - Workaround for changing Mac OS X VM display resolution in vSphere and Fusion
I know a few of you do use OS X in a VM and so this should help you.

What is Erasure Coding?
You probably first heard about EC from Nutanix, maybe in fact from here.  EC is definitely interesting stuff and you likely heard that it will be in some future version of VSAN.  So here is an article about EC that is not from Nutanix.  It does have a good collection of links for more info too.  I really like the idea of EC and in Nutanix it can support as complimentary to each other EC, de-dupe, and compression.  So very cool.

GitHub Desktop Client
I know several people that are GitHub users but are not serious users and a client that helps some of the processes of GitHub be a little more understandable is a good thing.  For those of you that are interested in making your interactions with GitHub a little - maybe a lot - easier check this out.

m1000e Firmware Update - start to finish
A nice article about a very complex process updating an environment.  A reminder that I really don’t like blades too.  If you have one of these Dell chassis you should check out this article.

Zerostack - Attacking Datacenter problem from all directions
A very nice introduction to Zerostack and quite interesting too.  I like the combination of onsite gear with an off site SaaS management platform.  Nice.  Sounds like a winner so very glad Justin is there!

Video on PernixData FVP and Architect
Here is a short video on what is FVP and Architect.  Very simple and short but it does provide an intro.  I am a fan and have used FVP in my labs.  It is a great product.  I hope to work with Architect sometime soon.

Encrypting / Signing My Email!
I did an article on this that is helpful if you use a Mac and Apple Mail.  But if you use a Mac, and Outlook it works different.  Steve did an article on that to help!  Thanks Steve!!

SolarWinds and Server Health Monitor
This looks like a great free tool.  If I had any free time leftI would have this in my lab.  You can monitor the hardware of HP, Dell, and IBM servers as well as vSphere ESXi hypervisor.  Very cool.

The Top 10 DevOps Myths debunked
Definitely an interesting article that clears the air around some things about DevOps.  I know that some of you smile at DevOps and think it is just another phase, or ‘thing’.  And I can understand that.  I know dev shops that are in fact very efficient and yet know nothing of DevOps.  I worked with a particular group at VMware before I left and they were an efficient and high performing dev team, although they did have some DevOps guys but didn’t know the phrase.  However, after seeing that group, it convinced me that DevOps - after I learned a bit more, is exactly what dev teams need.  More automation, more assistance - and not a pizza delivery person, but process that is in the automation, and better tools, and things like showing up in the morning, and finding complied code in a virtual app with all the supporting materials in it, and it is ready to look at.  And easy to find bugs, logs, that are also easy to share.  So, working to DevOps is a good thing!

How to view and move your iMessage history and attachments to a new Mac
If you need to do this it is possible.  Find out how here.

Full Emoji Data
It was interesting to find this full list of Emoji.  And to think I only occasionally use one or two of them.  Skim through the list so you can join me in Good Grief.

Should you upgrade to the New Apple TV?
I really want one.  My wife and I decided we both want it.  Often tech is purchased by me thinking we need it.  Between the Siri integration, what did he say functionality, and the new easy integrated search it was easy choice.  So Monday morning I am ordering.  Or maybe Sunday night if I am lucky.  If you are not sure check out this article.  Also, I think that the new Apple Remote will also turn on / off my TV, and change input to Apple Remote and even manage the volume.  We will see if that works or not but it is pretty cool.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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