Newsletter: VMworld 2015 Edition

Hello all,

I hope that everyone made it home from VMworld OK, and is enjoying a long weekend too! I am going to use this newsletter to share out everything related to VMworld.

I really need to start with saying thank you to everyone that said hi to me and said thanks for my blogging.  I really appreciate hearing that.  And of course I also need to say how nice it is to run into everyone that I know and get a chance to catch up!  I am very fortunate indeed to know so many interesting people!

I think that this VMworld was pretty busy, and more so then last year.  I don’t say that due to how many people visited our booth, or how many people visited the show - although both of them were records.  But the show floor was almost always busy and that is not normal - often in the past there is peaks and valleys but not this year.  Plus the walking around outside the event center was much busier too.

But lets look at what I heard or saw that I think worth sharing.  BTW, selected sessions are live outside  Important note is that list increased last year after it was first released so maybe this year too.

VSAN 6.1
This is what it was called in a bootcamp I attended.  But it is really vSphere 6.0 Update 1 in my way of thinking.  But it is pretty big!  Support for a stretched cluster, built in health check, and GA vR Ops management pack are all included (see more info here).  Plus even 2 node (plus a witness) which I think might be quite handy.  Learn of the future of VSAN here.  Duncan talks more about VAN 6.1 in this.

SRM 6.1
You can see what Duncan has to share on this.  This is a big release. It includes the ability as part of a fail-over to vMotion eligible VMs.  Very powerful!  I saw somewhere else that the RTO with vSphere Replication is now 5 minutes (rather then 15 as in the past) and that will really help SRM too.

vSphere v6 Update 1 - VCSA
Here is something from William on this.  I am very happy to have a VAMI UI back in both VCSA but also in the PSC.  Upgrades just got easier too. However, the ability to change an embedded PSC to external is very important.  I can now improve my home lab configuration which was upgraded to vSphere 6 before I realized no matter what the PSC should be external. As well it does build to build support now which is useful.  BTW, Williams session is live and open.

View 6.2
I did not see anything about this but Sean has some articles on this - User Experience, 3D GraphicsRDSH and Application Publishing, Core Infrastructure, and Introducing 6.2.

Interesting sessions I attended
I was lucky to hit a few sessions.  INF4528 was tips and trips with the VCSA and very worthwhile.  PAR6413 VSAN Deep Dive for partners was good too.

Interesting sessions I wish I attended
STO6085 - SRM 6.1 Technical Walk Through which is now public.  VAPP5483 - Virtualize Active Directory the Right Way - I heard it was good (Sean’s notes on it).  STO6228 - Monitoring and Troubleshooting VSAN - current and future - definitely will check this one out!  INF4793 - Day - to - Day Automation of VMware Products to Increase Productivity and Efficiency.  INF4946 - vSphere 6 Security Deep Dive: Certificates and Identity.  INF5701 - Extreme Performance Series: vSphere Compute & Memory.  MGT4973 - Mastering Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning.  INF5106 - Content Library is one I wish I attended too.

I did one very quick preso on DataGravity, but there were others too that were good.  Irfan did a VCDX that I liked as well as a dashboard one too.  Chris Wahl had an interesting one about PowerShell ISE.  Really good info to get started with PowerShell profile, Git and more.

Derek Seaman has one here.  Here is all of his VMworld 2015 articles here.  Good range. Here is another which is a series that includes live blog articles and roundup articles. Here is another good overview.

Stuff I heard in many places but …
I heard about new version of Log Insight 3.0 and vR Ops 6.1 but I don’t have much to point at for them - yet.  They are not far off.

BTW, this is not everything worth knowing about the show but what I know about the show!  As I find some of the session about are live in the space I will link to them.


  • 9/13/15 - added another overview article.
  • 9/9/15 - the top 50 (actually 56) VMworld sessions as videos are here.

Have a great week, and we will be back to our regular newsletter programming next week.


=== END ===

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