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Fixed! Now other Admin users can see default and VIN dashboards!

Hi all, This is pretty exciting.  Support and I both worked together and could not figure this out.  Now I stumbled across it!  Not sure if it is a 6.0.1 thing or not but I have confirmed this works in

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Configuring Time in Active Directory

Hello all, I was talking with someone about this subject recently and realized I should write some of it down.  To make sure that all of your Windows machines - virtual or otherwise - have the same time the process

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iOS 8.2 Update

Hi there, The iOS update was smooth and easy.  Just like most of them.  Not sure if I am going to buy an Apple Watch or not, but I am tempted.  And while that is a big part of 8.2

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Newsletter: March 8, 2015

Hello everyone, I am writing this at home, where I am for two weeks which is most excellent.  I have just spend three weeks on the road at our corporate HQ as well as visiting customers and potential customers on

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Things to remember about installing VMware Update Manager

Hello there, A short article today as yesterday I installed VUM for the first time in a while and I stumbled a bit.  How quick you forget when you work so much and in things that change often!  But here

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Newsletter: March 1, 2015

Hello all, I am back in Nashua after a week with customers in Southern California.  Was it ever nice to be in summer instead of winter!  It is always wonderful to chat with customers and especially to share what our

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Newsletter: February 21, 2015

Hello all, I hope everyone is warm and comfortable today - it is quite cold, and very much full of snow here in Nashua - in fact just started snowing again!  Glad I am heading to California tomorrow as it

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