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Newsletter: March 6, 2016

Hello all, I hope that everyone is doing well?  I had a great time in the mountains and deserts of Nevada. Great area and also met some interesting people too.  But back home now, and ready to start looking for

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watchOS 2.1 is now GA

We have a new watchOS update and it seems to be a mix of patches, and regional support.  I do not have any issues outstanding that this update might fix.  But I do not know all of the fixes in

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watchOS 2.0.1 is here!

I had not heard anything about a pending watchOS update but here is one anyway!  I notice it has some battery management improvements which I think I know someone picked up at watchOS 2.0 so that is good.  Here is

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Newsletter: October 3, 2015

Hello all, I hope that everyone has had a very good week, and are enjoying the weekend? It was an interesting week for me.  I broke my Apple Watch and went two days without it before it was replaced.  That

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Moving from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s

Hello there, I have not written this sort of thing down before, in particular when an Apple Watch is involved.  So here is what worked for me (and yes, I do use the iTunes connected method as I believe that

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Have Apple Watch? Got a new iPhone? This might help!

Hi there, Just a few minutes ago they tried to deliver my new iPhone 6s.  I know that thanks to my doorbell.  Too bad I wasn’t there.  In anticipation of having it soon, I was reading a review of the

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watchOS 2 is here!

Hi there, I saw this while I was checking out the news this morning (actually a few mornings ago on the 16th). But it does show up, and only a few days late.  Below you can find some helpful

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